How to Become a Good Preacher of the Word

man using microphone

Becoming a good preacher of the word is not about talent. It is all about research, passion, and talent. You need to know that every day is a learning experience and tomorrow will always be better. Go to and learn how to preach better. The most important thing is to understand that you cannot offer what you don’t have.

To preach the word, you must already have a good understanding of the word. This will help you deliver the truth based on what the true word of God says. Just like you must be knowledgeable to become a teacher, then you must get a good understanding of the word to teach it.

Preaching the sermon

Preparation is important

Preparation is one of the most important aspects of thman holding a booke sermon. A good preacher will always make preparation before going to deliver a sermon. Preparation involves analysis of the sermon as well as making notes on the sermon. This notes will always provide a point of reference every time you want to illustrate your points.

Even the big international preachers we know make preparation prior delivering their sermon. Preparation is also a good way to boost your confidence. This is because if you don’t make the adequate preparations, your congregation will always notice nervousness.

Don’t try and emulate

It is important to know that each preacher is unique, and this means that the preaching style is also different. Don’t try and copy the preaching style of your mentor or a preacher that you look up to.

You will only end up being a copycat, and you may not be as good as they are. If you want to become a good preacher, try and come up with a style that will distinguish you from the rest. Everyone will appreciate that you are unique in your way.

Determine yreading bookour audience

When preaching to your congregation, it is important to deliver clear and understandable messages. You don’t want your congregation to be left wondering what you are saying. The type of congregation will always determine the type of message that you deliver.

For instance, if you are preaching to teenagers, you need to deliver the message in a way that will understand. If you are preaching to an older audience, make sure that you preach a massage that will relate with them. You can add illustrations and examples to make it better.…