Qualifications Of The Health And Safety Advisor

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It is important to maintain safety at the workplace for all the present employees so that the productivity of the workers is increased and health of the workers is maintained. As implemented by the U. S Office of Safety and Health Administration for health and safety regulations at the workplace. Office owners must follow the rules as provided by the U.S. Office of Safety and Health Administration and maintain security in the rooms.

Duties carried out

safety vest The job description of a health and safety officer is solely dependant on many factors that are organization based. If in a manufacturing plant the requirements are different: he/she is required to test the equipment and chemicals. They should also sensitize the workers on safety hazards and insist on wearing protective gear to avoid physical bodily harm and also ensure their hands are always in gloves to prevent ingestion of any industrial chemicals. In an office setting the training and requirements are different. The health and safety officers are solely responsible for training staff for training on emergency situations. The security officer should always inspect for any potential emergency accidents that may happen in the future and manage them before.

Personal skills

A health and safety officer by the nature of the job they are bound to communicate with all the employees. Thus he /she must have excellent skills. He must be able to be precise and fluent in communication; this is because they have to be concisely and precisely in breaking down how to use the safety equipment. Computer skills are also necessary to the health and security officer so that he can have a record of the details of the safety tests. Safety and health officer should also be problem solve and a kind of person who acts quickly during emergencies. A security and heath officer should be open to working long hours, especially during emergencies.

Leadership role

 health and safety officerThe health and safety officer should head the security officer chairman of the office as they understand the dos and don’ts. The sole purpose of the safety committee is to ensure that they can foresee any accidents and decrease the likelihood of any accidents happening. The safety committee should also set objectives for the organization to make sure that there is a procedure of how to handle accidents in the event they happen. The safety committee should also issue progress reports on how security and health department is advances in managing the risk of accidents in the firm.…