Careers In The Railway Industry


One stands to gain a lot by working in the railway industry. There are many different career opportunities in the rail industry. Some of these professions are highly specific and require specific training. However, there are those that require some basic skills. For instance, for you to be an engineer, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree in an engineering related field. On the other hand, nothing much is needed in terms of academic qualifications when looking for a conductor. Here is an overview of train crew members.

Train crew members

The conductor

man with wooden box

In a train, the conductor is often considered the boss of the train. The conductor is responsible for the safe movement of the train and taking care of goods in transit. It is also his or her responsibility to ensure the safety of the crew and reporting any interference or anomalies in the movement of the train. The conductor reports to the transmitter and his or her immediate supervisor in the train. He takes instructions from the yardmaster and the dispatcher.


These people are also referred to as brakemen. Ideally, for one to be a brakeman, he or she should be someone with a technical background. Their main responsibility is to protect the train. Trainmen also handle switches. While the train is moving, they also look out for potential hazards on the train itself. Concisely, the responsibilities of the trainman revolve around driving the engine.


The engineer is often to be in a different chain command as opposed to the rest of the crew. The engineer is tasked with managing the power of the locomotive, the couplers, momentum, and the entire braking system. Of course, it is also part of his responsibility to monitor the track ahead and behind to ensure everything is in order. To see all this, you need a technical eye.


rail stationThis is another valuable crew member. Traditionally, the fireman was tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the fire in steam engines. With modern engines, he now deputies the engineer. In some case, they are interns or apprentice engineers who do not have considerable experience in this field.

Besides these four, you also expect to have a food specialist, a chef and lead service attendants along with other people for smooth operation of the train. That said, if you have the intention of working in the rail industry, railway recruitment 2017 is for you. Look at the positions available and apply for the positions that are appropriate for you.…