Health and Safety for the Average SME

safety mirror

Health and Safety are not something to be sniffed at. Every company, however, large or small, MUST take their responsibility seriously. Many people have always wondered what is required for┬áhealth and safety. This is for both your sake and your employees’ sakes, too. The top things to watch out for include:

General information

Comfortable working space

fire menIn an office environment, make sure everyone has a comfortable working space and is sitting correctly. Ensure everyone is sitting correctly, with a fully adjustable chair, wrist support, and ensure that their VDU is elevated to the correct height to remove the need to stoop.

Trip hazards

This could happen anywhere, wires for computers could be tangled along the floor, or packing materials in a warehouse could cause someone to trip up. If someone falls, they could be out of work for weeks. This costs you money, as you need to continue to pay for the employee while they are off work. They may decide to sue your company for negligence, in which case you owe even more fees – it can be very costly!

Bad light and ventilation

You MUST ensure your employees have adequate light to work and work at a comfortable temperature. This includes access to fresh air. Light is a vital source of vitamin D, which has been proved to make people have a happy, positive feeling.

Break from work

Make sure your employees have enough breaks away from work. This is important, stress and overworking can get you into trouble as an employer.

Some companies decide that managing health and safety themselves can be too taxing and so outsource this area of their business to HSE Companies. These companies have fully trained and experienced H & S Consultants who can visit your place of work, identify any outstanding areas and keep relevant records about the company to comply with legal regulations.


board One Health and Safety company said, “We find that more companies, especially SMEs, need our help with managing their health and safety, including conducting health and safety audits and conducting regular site visits to ensure all is as it should be. We find this is also good for staff morale, who know that their employer is valuing their staff and wanting to generate a comfortable working environment for all.…